Hi beautiful, my name is Efe Akhabue, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I’m an Educator, a public speaker, a life transformational consultant, spiritual coach and a career/business coach.

I work with Impact driven moms who desire the exceptional life. I help them understand the mind renewal process, provide clarity around their purpose and teach the fundamentals for a successful life.

I embolden them by transforming their thinking, renewing their minds and teaching them the core fundamental principles for success and sustainability so that they can accelerate their growth, end financial insecurity, fears, uncertainties and reclaim control over their lives, finances, time and family.

What I have found out in this journey is that a lot of moms may at some point feel stuck due to life’s events. They may experience a loss of direction and purpose, lack of confidence and obscurity and may not take the right actions because they are too busy with seemingly important things and not investing enough time in spiritual, personal & professional growth. They want the good life hence might become afraid of not achieving their goals and living a full rich and satisfying life.

Some might feel frustrated because growth takes time, and might become impatient when no real changes are happening.

Some have to manage most family responsibilities and still try be great moms, wives, career women and business women, while being hooked to 9-5 job pursuit because of the bills they have to pay.

Some have invested in new programs and training to learn new strategies to succeed while looking for the magic pill. They are overwhelmed and still have nothing to show for it.

These moms are challenged with the how, what and when to start implementing the strategies they had acquired over time.

They think they need to acquire more skills, resources and A-Z clarity before taking action to start living an exceptional life (which is a life free of fear, worries and anxiety).

The truth is that they are not investing adequate time in their spiritual, personal & professional growth and are unable to connect with the power to access what they have. Until they invest time in their development and begin to see themselves as strong moms destined for greatness they cannot attract the right resources needed.

The real solution needed to take action to start and accelerate their growth to experience a turnaround will be to transform their mind and learn the core fundamentals for a sustainable all round successful life.

How do I know all these? Well, this was me a few years ago. I experienced the journey of being a mom and being stuck at some point in life. I had no clarity on next steps and was overwhelmed with work, family responsibilities and starting my own business. The thought that I may not live the rich and satisfying life I desired frightened me so much and I was frustrated.

I spent a lot of money on various programs and trainings while being tied to a 9-5 job because the bills had to be paid but thank God I found the courage to make the DECISION to grow. I began to connect more with my creator and my mindset was transformed. I shifted how I viewed my situation and suddenly began to see new possibilities and my dreams literally began to come true.

Now I have found a better way for moms to live a pain free life and and put an end to certain misconceptions around motherhood, because it is possible to be a great mom, wife and career/business woman and live a rich satisfying life. I want to imapct this tribe through my program.

It is as a result of my experiences that I have been able to show moms just like me how to transform their lives and live the life they envision. I do all this through my 12 weeks program.

The Exceptional life development institute – The 4 levels for building an invincible mindset for an unshakeable life is aimed towards improving the full life of moms both spiritual, physical social and relational. Most programs out there teach strategies and tools not tailored to balance life and total life of a mom they are not result proof because the facilitators didn’t experience success through them and through the lens of a mom in transition or tension. Through our 4 step process moms can accelerate their growth, end financial insecurity, fears, uncertainties and reclaim control over their lives, finances, time and family, so that they can start and continue the journey to impact, influence and building generational and sustainable wealth.

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